ExpidusOS is a desktop and mobile operating system from Midstall Software designed to unify the mobile and desktop experience.

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To create an open source operating system capable of running on mobile and desktop devices.


Traditionally, applications have to be redesigned to run on mobile and desktop devices. With ExpidusOS, it is possible to design a single version of the application to run on mobile and desktop devices. This has the benefit of saving time and resources for developers while also maintaining a coherent experience.


ExpidusOS is designed using Flutter, a cross-platform application framework made by Google. We have adapted Flutter to be able to run the GUI of ExpidusOS to create an interface which responds and feels faimilar between devices.

Techologies & Other Software Used

ExpidusOS is an open source project and relies on the effort of many others. Here is a list of the various pieces of software and tech we rely on.

Our Supporters

As ExpidusOS is a free and open source project, we rely on the community to help fund the project. The individuals, organizations, and others listed here are our top contributors which help this project.

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