The future of mobile and desktop operating systems. ExpidusOS is a cross platform, secure, and private operating system developed by Midstall Software.

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Easy to use

ExpidusOS is the future of mobile and desktop operating systems. By design, it is able to run on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It is the first truly cross-platform, cross-device operating system for the modern age.


Private & Secure

ExpidusOS uses modern security practices to keep your data safe. Practices such as data encryption and read-only files reduces the risk of attack and increases security.


Open & Free

ExpidusOS is free to download and install, this means no need to purchase any licenses to get the most out of your devices. It is also open source meaning others can contribute to improve and secure the OS more.




Applications from ExpidusOS


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ExpidusOS is a desktop and mobile operating system from Midstall Software designed to unify the mobile and desktop experience.

Goal To create an open source operating system capable of running on mobile and desktop devices. Why Traditionally, applications have to be redesigned to run on mobile and desktop devices. With ExpidusOS, it is possible to design a single version of the application to run on mobile and desktop devices. This has the benefit of saving time and resources for developers while also maintaining a coherent experience. How ExpidusOS is designed using Flutter, a cross-platform application framework made by Google.

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While we're excited to see people wanting to try out ExpidusOS, we're not quite ready yet. You can follow us on Twitter, Reddit, or join our Discord for more updates. Alternatively, we have a web demo you can launch in your browser to see what ExpidusOS will be like. Web Demo Twitter Discord Reddit [matrix] GitHub

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